Websites I don't like

These are a few of the sites that I've found when looking at some of my favourite artists or finding new ones...and I don't think the sites really reflect the quality of work. Some of them are too overcomplicated or some of them just...don't look very nice.

Alex Pardee;
I really like this artist; I discovered him a few year ago from some album artwork that he did.
Although I like the idea of his home page leading you to either his blog or his work...the type is just so bland compared to the illustration.
Then when you choose art, theres are a lot of empty space...but the texture of the background doesn't really 'do anything' for it and the thumbnails of his work are so small you don't really know what you're clicking on.

Corey Holms;
I suppose this works for a layout based designer, I do quite like the simple colour scheme and it is quite functional/well navigated but in terms of being inspiring for me in isn't. I find it quite bland and boring. Too many words.

Jon Burgerman;
He is so well known and the intro animation to his site for his 'inkstrumental' thing at the apple store is great...but then you get to the site and its quite...boring. I don't particularly like the header of the page, I don't think it reflects him as well as some of his work could and then the whole layour is just quite...blogger like. I wouldn't say it inspires me.
Luke Best and Miles Donovan;
These two artists aren't linked...apart from the layout of their websites. I predict that mine will be quite simple, but I hope it will be simple in a good working way...whereas this kind of confuses me - I just don't really like the idea of the horizontal scroll all the work is on a timeline but, it just confused me because you don't expect to scroll along I, at first, assumed the site wasn't working.

The boy fitz hammond;
The site is quite simple but I don't actually know if its a serious graphic designer/illustrator...or its just a well promoted/high quality hobbie.
The thumbnails, once again, are too small so you don't really know what you're going to see when you click on it.

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