Briefs and Proposal

New Business card

When I was sketching new ideas, I really thought this is one that I would go for...but as soon as I started putting it together digitally I It just didn't work out like I expected it to so I changed direction quite quick.

I hadn't sketched this idea...but it kind of came from the poster that I did for the cockpit competition and it kind of pursued the hands on feel that I wanted.

The idea was to try and make my logo look like a stencil and kind of...imperfect which in a way relates to my design practice. Although I like perfected digital illustrations...I then like to give it some texture and make it look a bit 'rougher' so I thought this suited it quite well.

Although I liked the handwritten text on my previous design, I didn't think it would work aswell with this image because it could look too 'cutesy' and I just need the card to carry the important information that needs to be readable. I still went with a sans serif typeface.

I actually think it does work well in colour, which I didn't expect it to, but for the time being I am going to stick with black and white.

Business card re-do

So...after leaving it a while and seeing on the studio wall for however long, I decided...I didn't like my previous business card. I realised, if I little as 50 printed, thats 50 individual cards that I'm going to have to put the stamp on...about 10% of which wouldn't be in the right place so I'd probably lose money...and it could just end up being a bit of a mess!

I therefore decided it was (already) time for a change. I still wanted to stick my circular 'logo' because at the moment I still like it.

Business card 2

I was adament that I still wanted to use my stamp because I liked the idea of it...but I needed to make the card represent me better, so I developed the 'hand crafted' feel too it.
As I am an image based graphic designer, I thought it could work if I included some small drawings of the tools I use...

The layouts shown retain the space for me to put my stamp on the front.

To continue the hand rendered feel, I handwrote my information...scanned it...and placed this on the card which I thought was added a more personal touch.

I do think it looks better than before...but I'm still not 100% sure.

I tried a folded business card so that I could either have a piece of work in the middle or more information or something. The stock i used for the experiment was too thick and I don't think the coloured in drawings work well with the black stamp.

This idea is something I may develop, but in this instance I don't really like it.

Business card 1

As I bought a stamp to add a 'handcrafted' feeling to my business cards, when designing them...I just really needed to decide where the information was going to go and what typeface it would be.

I decided to go with the serif its less formal and I think it suits my practice better.

So once printed...this was when the problems occured.

Firstly, I had decided the information would go on the back and just the stamp on the front...but it just looked a little too empty and...

The ink didn't go onto the stamp properly and it was Really hard to get it centered because the stamp is circular but the block that its on is square...and not completely centered so I couldn't see if it was properly centered or not. This then made it look...bad.

So because I though it looked too bland with just the stamp, I just put it on the back with the informaion and although it looks a little better...I still wasn't completely happy with.

Back to the drawing board.