Final EP Tees

So, after what seems like a long time....and numerous emails, these are the final designs that have been sent off to the printers.

The colours aren't exactly the same because the designs are in CMYK....this is RGB obviously.

Honestly, if it was my decision...i'd have probably chosen different ones etc. BUT 'the clients always right'. So if they're happy with what they've got, I believe thats a job well done.

I just want to see them printed now...

Tutorial prep (2)

Group Tutorial 2 Prep -

What is a CV?
- ‘Curriculum vitae’ - Latin for ‘The story of your life’ - Not sure they’d want to know that much information!
- Appropriate details about yourself to send to prospective employers.
- A summary of academic and work history.
- Marketing tool.
- A way to sell you and your skills.

What should a CV contain?
- Name + contact details.
- Personal profile.
- Education / Work experience / achievements.
- Key skills / strengths.
- Employment history.
- References.
- Must be have a positive tone.
- Good grammer.
- Well presented.

What is a portfolio?
- A collection of your work that you feel best shows your skills and aesthetic.
- A showcase of what you have to offer.

What should a portfolio include?
- Strong examples of your work.
- Work that you feel best represents you as a designer.
- If its tailored to a particular company - work that you feel best represents what you think they’ll want to see.
- A range of pieces - not a folder full of the same thing.
- Show your ability to design - a badly design portfolio would give off the impression of a bad designer, or a ‘I can’t be bothered’ designer.


Bark and Bite - Leeds - Motion Design.
Studio MikMak - Leeds - Graphic design, Illustration.
Analogue - Leeds - Graphic design.
Boxhead - Leeds - Graphic design.
(keep adding)