How to be a graphic designer without losing your soul

I wasn't really sure what i'd 'get' from this book at first but it actually proved really helpful.
My favourite section was the 'being freelance' one.
Before I read it, I thought I was just being stubborn and childish for saying that I don't really want to work with others on a daily basis i.e. share a room with them.
But in this section it mentions that you can characterize a freelance designer as two types of people...the second being 'a creative loner' who can't really adjust well to design studio and an interview with Kim Hiorthoy states that they prefer to work on their own because they 'Often change my mind at the very end of project, not having to argue or defend this decision to someone else is an advantage'.
I dont like arguing with people but I am very opinionated about My work and I know what I want to I just want to do it, instead of having to spend days thinking of how we can incorporate what they want aswell.

I would love to do a distance collaborative piece lol. Where I do my bit...then send it off to them to do theirs of vice verse.
I would also love a studio like this; obviously I would need a chair and desk, but I will pretend thats 'off screen'...but to have room and walls filled with inspirational work would be great.

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