All the companies that I looked at...

I've had these printed out in a folder for months...because I thought we were handing in a folder, when I realised we weren't I thought I should put them up here.
When I was making myself believe we 'had' to have a work placement with a design studio, I looked at a few places where I would like to go or where I could go, in terms of location and in all honesty - I wasn't Really excited by any of them.

Below is who I looked at and what I wrote next to them;

Bark and Bite;
+ In Leeds
+ Good client base
+ Good website
+ Motion graphics
- Maybe Too motion based.

+ Diverse range of work
- All men...
- No illustration

Teabag studio;
- Don't stand out

Type in motion;
+ I like the look of the website
- The website doesn't really work very well...or not on my laptop anyway.

+ Well known
+ High profile client base
- Not sure its really 'me'
- Branding?...

+ In leeds
- Horrible website
- Don't really stand out

Made by Analogue;
+ Contemporary
+ Good clients
+ Really nice website
+ Get input from freelancers

+ Sound enthusiastic
+ List 'illustration' on their services
- But still don't 'stand out' :(

We are boxhead;
+ Nice site
+ Good print work
+ Contemporary
- Seem a bit...up themselves?

Paris Panda;
+ Really like the site
+ Contemporary look
- Not a lot of imagery
- Hard to find any of their work

+ They've got a studio in Wakefield
+ Really good client base
+ Love the work
- Very digital

Made by pi
- Not sure...

+ Big group of people
- Marketing/branding.
- Not want I want to do

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