OUG205 - End of module evaluation

The image module has given me the opportunity to develop my image based skills; prior to this I really wasn’t sure which area I preferred as a designer or which I was ‘good’ at but this had made me realise how much more comfortable I am working with image rather than type/layout.

I had two concerns before starting the module, the first being; I thought it would be completely image based i.e. I wouldn’t be able to use type/words at all but I soon realised that type can be image; the second concern was following on from this, if I couldn’t use type at all I don’t know if I’m imaginative enough? Thankfully, my concerns didn’t last long and even though I could use type in my work, I have started thinking more visually and ‘laterally’ (mainly after the 2D to 3D to 2D brief) and realised that everyones work looks different so, in this sense, I feel a lot more confident with my own work and the fact that it doesn’t matter that I aren’t very good character design etc.

An aspect of the module that I liked and had missed was week long or two week briefs. A disadvantage overall that came from this was that, because I hadn’t done it for a while, my development was lacking and I didn’t document it as well as I probably could have done. On the other hand, it was an advantage because I didn’t have enough time to worry about what idea I should develop etc. and I made decisions a lot faster than I normally do; however, at the same time it may have been a disadvantage because I rushed some things. Looking back on the amount of work I have done and some of the resolutions I have done in just a week, it will hopefully encourage me to work faster and not ponder over small things for a long time, in the future.

Although I enjoyed the shorter term briefs, I did still enjoy the final, longer negotiated brief. I knew that I wanted to work more on ‘type as image’ but wasn’t sure where to go from this; after some discussion it was decided I would use Lady Gaga lyrics. At first, I was excited about it and then the joy somewhat drifted away when I was trying to chose lyrics to base my ideas on but once I had made this decision – which took me too long – I was back to being comfortable with the brief. I wasn’t a particular fan of Lady Gaga before and I wouldn’t say this brief made me a fan but it did make me realise I don’t have to base work on things I personally 'love', to enjoy the brief; that would have probably been a bad thing as if I based the brief on one of my favourite artists, I would probably been sick of listening to them after this brief.

Overall I am pleased with the amount and the standard of work I have produced and feel that spending this time focusing on purely image has definitely helped me develop as a designer and will effect my future work in a positive way.

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