New Business card

When I was sketching new ideas, I really thought this is one that I would go for...but as soon as I started putting it together digitally I It just didn't work out like I expected it to so I changed direction quite quick.

I hadn't sketched this idea...but it kind of came from the poster that I did for the cockpit competition and it kind of pursued the hands on feel that I wanted.

The idea was to try and make my logo look like a stencil and kind of...imperfect which in a way relates to my design practice. Although I like perfected digital illustrations...I then like to give it some texture and make it look a bit 'rougher' so I thought this suited it quite well.

Although I liked the handwritten text on my previous design, I didn't think it would work aswell with this image because it could look too 'cutesy' and I just need the card to carry the important information that needs to be readable. I still went with a sans serif typeface.

I actually think it does work well in colour, which I didn't expect it to, but for the time being I am going to stick with black and white.

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