Business card 2

I was adament that I still wanted to use my stamp because I liked the idea of it...but I needed to make the card represent me better, so I developed the 'hand crafted' feel too it.
As I am an image based graphic designer, I thought it could work if I included some small drawings of the tools I use...

The layouts shown retain the space for me to put my stamp on the front.

To continue the hand rendered feel, I handwrote my information...scanned it...and placed this on the card which I thought was added a more personal touch.

I do think it looks better than before...but I'm still not 100% sure.

I tried a folded business card so that I could either have a piece of work in the middle or more information or something. The stock i used for the experiment was too thick and I don't think the coloured in drawings work well with the black stamp.

This idea is something I may develop, but in this instance I don't really like it.

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