Business card 1

As I bought a stamp to add a 'handcrafted' feeling to my business cards, when designing them...I just really needed to decide where the information was going to go and what typeface it would be.

I decided to go with the serif its less formal and I think it suits my practice better.

So once printed...this was when the problems occured.

Firstly, I had decided the information would go on the back and just the stamp on the front...but it just looked a little too empty and...

The ink didn't go onto the stamp properly and it was Really hard to get it centered because the stamp is circular but the block that its on is square...and not completely centered so I couldn't see if it was properly centered or not. This then made it look...bad.

So because I though it looked too bland with just the stamp, I just put it on the back with the informaion and although it looks a little better...I still wasn't completely happy with.

Back to the drawing board.

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