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I have chosen to stick with the website that I set up a while ago - I know how to use it and update it fairly easily, its easy to navigate and it has the information that it needs.

There were some tweeks that I wanted to make to it, that I have done and although they may have been small, I'm much happier with it now.

First change - The page links are better aligned and easier to navigate.

Second change - This was the biggest one for me, it really annoyed me that because of the format I chose (a customised blogger basically), when you clicked on an image - it automatically opened a new page. Thankfully after some research (and confusion) I have managed to set it up so the images appear in a lightbox. This definitely works a lot better and will be less annoying to visitors!

Last change - The information on the about and contact pages was green before because of my previous identity - although there is an aqua colour incorporated into my stationary, it looked out of place on the website so I went for black/white/grey to match my identity.

I need to update the site with more current/recent work but I'm glad its live and out there.

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