End of year show proposal - 2

The main thing that I took away from the End of year show tutorial group sessions was that my proposed space didn't really have an identity - there was too much there.
So after clarifying what it was that I wanted to say about myself (Fun, colourful and targeting a young audience) it was agreed that I should minimine what I put in the space - choose the work that best shows what I want to say.

I chose the Puffin brief as its one of my favourites that I have done and I think says what I want it to. It was discussed that the colour-in wallpaper idea could be a little dangerous in terms of what people draw on it (especially on the family evening) so if I do use that, I should put it out the day after the family night. There is still the risk of either people not colouring it in or people drawing funny things on it, but on a personal note it would be something funny to keep -and works the target audience.

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