Final Creative CV

Having looked more at my creative CV and realising I didn't really like it...I spoke to Jayne and she really clarified what it was I didn't like about it (that sounds strange but the points that she made were what I didn't like).
The type needed to be way more consistant...before it was all different sizes and way too big.
Now its a consistant size and a lot more smaller/normal!

The 'inside', where it folded to a full A3 which before showed some of my work and my references...was pretty awful!
It was overwhelming because there was no negative space and the layout was pretty boring. After 're-jigging' the info - putting it all together, I then had a full A3 page to play with, so I wanted to make it look more visually engaging and more like a poster.

I still need to print it out to make sure it works, but just looking at it on screen - I'm a lot happier with it. I think the side that shows my work would be more likely to encourage them to look at a website or ask to see my portfolio, to see the actual pieces - as this just shows a 'glimpse' of what the whole piece is.

It will still fold together in exactly the same way as my mock up will just look better now.

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