Keaton Henson

...One day, this is what I want.

#1 - Good Website

The above images show the opening page of the website - when you rollover the wishbone, depending on what side you choos (music/art) it snaps on that side and highlights the word.
Simple, but it made me smile.

#2 - Work in exhibitions....worldwide.

This is a screenshot of his news page...the most recent entry, that his work is in the London 'Lyrics and type' exhibition.
Illustrative type? Lyrics? This is my dream, and I didn't even know about this exhibition til it was too late.
His second most recent entry is that his work is currently on display in LA...covering the worldwide aspect!

#3 - Client base
Henson is the regular illustrator for 'Front', a monthly magazine aimed at men. He has also done album artwork for a few bands, designed t-shirt graphics for companies including Topshop and Dropdead and does gig posters/exhibition work.

He's embarrassing (for me).

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