Papergirl Leeds

I really liked the idea behind this event - a 'everyone included' exhibition and then all the work being handed out to to random people in the street.
Of course there is the risk that it will be given to somebody who doesn't care and would just through it away - but on the other hand, it might be given to somebody who really appreciates it and wants to see more of your work.

I didn't want to produce work specifically for it because there wasn't a brief and was focusing my time on other work, so I simply submit 2 A3 pieces, 2 illustrations from the last module. This way I thought I had nothing to lose - I hadn't really spent any time on it because the work already existed.

Below is an image from the exhibition facebook page where you can see the cassette piece. that I submit.

However successful or unsuccessful the event turns out to be (I don't think the 'handing out' of work has happened yet) - it was nice to be a part of.

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