OUGD301 End of Module Evaluation

Reflecting back on my original rationale; I don’t feel I have made the most out of this module or pushed myself to produce the standard of work that I am capable of. I feel I have touched upon the areas that I wanted to focus on, but I haven’t exploited them to a very high level. Out of all the modules I have done throughout the course so far, I have definitely struggled most with this one for various reasons.

My intention was focus on illustration and type as image. I have produced work that covers both of these areas but looking back at the work, I haven’t produced the sort of type as image that I wanted to work with; I wanted to work more with the sort of hand crafted/rendered type that I began working with towards the end of my second year but I didn’t manage to appropriately fit this into a brief; obviously, this is completely my own fault. I think the cause of this has been my poor time management as I picked up a couple of briefs along the way and I got caught up in these ones and due to lack of time, I chose to drop the Lyrics and Type brief which would have been the substantial brief where I really focused on hand crafted typography.

Another area that I wanted to address was my software skills in photoshop and illustrator. In particular I wanted to really get to grips with the basics of them both; I obviously had quite a good understanding of both pieces of software due to workshops etc. over the past couple of years, however they were both quite time consuming and I could never estimate the length of time I would spend on them very well, meaning it would effect my time management. Therefore, a positive is that I feel more comfortable using these pieces of software at a more efficient rate.

I think most of my briefs reflect my design intentions relatively well i.e. in terms of what I want to focus more on, but there were some that I really dwelled on, so much so that in the end I wasn’t happy with the what I produced and I think some of the work may reflect that. For example, the Criminal Damage brief; at the start, I intended for this to be a lot more illustration orientated but I chose to develop the metal band inspired type aspect. In the end, I wasn’t happy with every design that I pursued and I definitely feel that this brief could have been turned around a lot quicker.

As mentioned previously, I have really struggled with this module and I feel it was partly to do with the fact that I was trying to do all 6 briefs at the same time. Looking back, I should have set stricter deadlines for myself and maybe just have done two at a time and properly complete these before starting another. I actually think if I did this, I would have produced more work and work of a higher quality. My overall feel for this module was that I panicked quite a lot and focused more on quantity rather than quality - so I ended up not having time to do a lot of things such as quality printing.

Overall, for my Final Major Project, I really hope that I can learn from the mistakes I have made throughout this module. I need to make stricter decisions on the briefs that I want to undertake, why I want to do them and what I want to get out of them so that I can’t completely change my mind when I start panicking and end up producing work that I am unhappy with and don’t want to put in my portfolio.

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