Tutorial prep (2)

Group Tutorial 2 Prep -

What is a CV?
- ‘Curriculum vitae’ - Latin for ‘The story of your life’ - Not sure they’d want to know that much information!
- Appropriate details about yourself to send to prospective employers.
- A summary of academic and work history.
- Marketing tool.
- A way to sell you and your skills.

What should a CV contain?
- Name + contact details.
- Personal profile.
- Education / Work experience / achievements.
- Key skills / strengths.
- Employment history.
- References.
- Must be have a positive tone.
- Good grammer.
- Well presented.

What is a portfolio?
- A collection of your work that you feel best shows your skills and aesthetic.
- A showcase of what you have to offer.

What should a portfolio include?
- Strong examples of your work.
- Work that you feel best represents you as a designer.
- If its tailored to a particular company - work that you feel best represents what you think they’ll want to see.
- A range of pieces - not a folder full of the same thing.
- Show your ability to design - a badly design portfolio would give off the impression of a bad designer, or a ‘I can’t be bothered’ designer.

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