E.P finals...

Well, after probably spending too much time on them...here are my designs.
I haven't experimented with colour a whole lot because I thought, if any of my designs were chosen, we could discuss colour(s) as some of them may want to stay as one colour.

Design 1 - Diamond Skull.
The weird yellowy/orange colour, is supposed to represent gold but unfortunately RGB isn't that advanced yet...
This was the first design I did, and after doing it...I wasn't sure if it really represented tribal...but Steve quite liked it at the briefing, so I thought I would keep it in.

Design 2 - Skull Headress

Once again, the strange yellowy colour is to represent gold.
I'm not sure whether I prefer it on black or white, but overall, I'm happy with the design.

Design 3 - Tribal Pattern

I really liked some tribal patterns I found when I was researching, so I decided to try and tailor the patterns to a more 'musical' style. (if that makes sense?)

Design 4 - Drum Decks


I am actually Really happy with these, but I think that might be because I know what its supposed to be...a tribal drum with DJ decks on top.

Design 5 - Type

Steve suggested that they wanted to see type in some of the design and, up until a few month ago, I thought I was a type orientated designer but I found this pretty hard. I went with a style of type that I saw on a kids film a while ago (something like madagascar I think?) but made it look more contemporary...I'm not sure it was successful.

Design 6 - Spears

I really like the front of the t-shirt with the spears, but I couldn't quite get the back right. I used another type face that I made, thats Supposed to look like planks of wood nailed together...
But I do really like the front.

Fingers crossed...

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