1. What is professional / industrial experience?
- A way to gain experience in the 'real world'.
- An insight in to how I can use my skills to earn money.
- See how other people work; what works and what doesn't.
- See how others present themselves; portfolios, websites etc.
- 'The opportunity to work in real-life, business-critical roles which relate to the programme of study'

2. Why is professional / industrial experience important as part of PPD?
- Experience and knowledge of the industry that I want to work in when I have finished my degree.
- Develop your professional skills.
- 'Provides you with valuable industry contacts for your future career.'
- Builds confidence.
- Gives you a 'competitive advantage' when going into employment.
- Gives me a clearer insight into what is a successful way of working for others.

3. How do you gain professional / industrial experience and what form does it take?
- Have contact with a variety of people in the industry; networking.
- Studio visits, work placements etc.
- Ask questions i.e. interviews.
- Live briefs/competitions, see what needs to be done.
- Get feedback from professionals on your portfolio.

4. What should you aim to gain from professional / industrial experience?
- An insight into how the industry 'works'.
- Direction - of how you want to work after the degree.
- Contacts.
- A better portfolio.
- An idea of what audiences you should be targeting.
- Confidence as an independent designer.

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